Which German books should you absolutely discover?

German literature endures over the years, despite the change that today's world is experiencing with digital and technology. Better, the German books are interesting in Germany and from now on, throughout the whole world. What then should be read as a German book?

Read detective novels

The majority of Germans are interested in crime novels. The content of these subtly details mysterious crime stories, detective stories, murders, bombings and more. Sometimes these detective novels attract Germans to explore the places described by the author in his writing. They also allow other readers from various countries to learn about German culture and civilization. Thus, for those who prefer online reading, detective books are available in several versions, for beginners and for seasoned readers. On the other hand, the bestsellers of German literature are among detective books. As a result, many lovers of reading and suspense books love to discover Germany through the actions of detective novels.

Fairy tales and classic books

Most readers of German novels seek to master themselves with Germanic culture, primarily to master the German language. There are therefore several German books for beginners that modify the mastery of vocabulary and spelling starting from the captivating stories. Examples are fairy tales and history books. These works are also appreciated because they allow the discovery of old Germanic expressions. As for the classic books, talking about adventure, mystery, love, they help you discover the habits and customs of Germany through daily experiences. It's a way to visit Germany without being there. However, the Germans are mainly interested in paper books rather than electronic books. In the bus, in a library, at home or in the street, storybooks, cookbooks, or other paper books represent the best companions of the population. However, it is easier to find interesting German books by browsing the sites.