What do you know about chatbots?


 With the idea of being present at all times, companies have favoured chatbots. What do you need to know about chatbots? In the following, you will learn more.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are interfaces that help your readers and subscribers solve specific problems with a few questions and answers. You will view more information on our sites. Users who contact chatbots can take advantage of this technology and get information instantly, speeding up the response time between the brand and the consumer.

How do you set up a chatbot?

You may think that creating a chatbot requires advanced programming skills. But there are simplified tools for those who are not computer programming experts, showing that the most difficult part of using this tool is establishing the conversation between you and your audience. Tracking your audience's possible interactions, understanding the tone of your chatbot's speech and making your messages more engaging are essential elements for your strategy to work. 

Another important point about chatbots: many entrepreneurs think that this tool can only be used on social networks like Telegram or Facebook. However, it is possible to have a conversation on different networks, like landing pages, blog, payment pages, etc.

How to create a free chatbot in English ?

You don't have to be an experienced programmer to create a chatbot. Some services are free, at least the basic ones, which can be applied to small structures with a limited number of users. For more comprehensive services, you have to pay for a premium service. Please note that some chatbot services are only available in English, so you should research the features and functions of the service and choose the chatbot that best suits your needs.