What are Adrian Cheng's investment structures?

Recognized as a French artistic ambassador in China, Adrian Cheng has become an important personality in the business world. What are the companies he has created that give him the status of an influential man? A look at the companies owned by this billionaire of Asian origin.

K11 Group

Through its creativity, the K11 Group enhances culture and commerce. Adrian Cheng through this group has brought art to the public in shopping malls. The objective is to bring added value to the cultural world, to propose artistic contents within reach of all and to generate artistic immersions through the shopping malls. Through this concept, K11 Group has been able to create at least 29 shopping malls with art centers across China.

K11 Art Foundation Group

Established in 2010, K11 Art Foundation is a non-profit organization. With an average of 50 employees, K11 Art Foundation's mission is to promote Chinese art. This mission consists of funding artists, supporting art exhibitions and partnering with art institutions worldwide. In this aim, the group has made a partnership with the Pompidou Center. Finally, K11 Art Foundation helps to stimulate new artists towards the international scene.

New World Development (NWD)

This conglomerate as a whole is a family business. It was founded by Adrian Cheng's grandfather, then led by his father and now in the hands of the young heir. Dealing with about 28,000 employees, New World Development is focused on 7 main activities. Currently, the company operates in several fields, including real estate, logistics and transportation. Explicitly, there are: transportation services, real estate investment and property management. Other activities include the operation of department stores, hotel operations, and the management of wastewater treatment sites.

Adrian Cheng's new goal is to satisfy a target audience defined by people born between 1988 and 1994, known as millennials, and Generation Z, which includes young people born between 1995 and 2010.