Vaccines will not Immediately Help People Return to their Normal Lives

While the successful discovery and massive production of the Covid-19 vaccines by notable pharmaceutical industries have offered a glimpse of hope to many, there is still reason to be cautious. This is a valid observation by scientists such as Dr. Deborah Lehman.

The New Variants of the Virus Changes Everything

Frankly, vaccines are a welcome development to the world at large. However, notable scientists such as Dr. Deborah Lehman have explained that life cannot immediately return to normalcy.

She stressed that we all still need to take preventive measures such as wearing facemasks, cleaning our hands regularly, adhering to physical distancing rules which is very crucial.

The reason for this is largely because of the new variants of the virus that was discovered in a laboratory research in South Africa.

New COVID-19 Variant Reduces the Potency of the Vaccine

After careful research and observation, it was discovered that the new variant of the virus made the vaccine lose a bit of its potency. For this reason, the health community is hoping and taking steps to ensure the virus and further development in its makeup are addressed once and for all.

However, they need the support of the entire world’s population to achieve this. This is by adhering to the cautionary rules set up by various health bodies and enforced by security agencies in many of these parts.

New Virus Variant Is Bad News for the International Community

A good number of major players in business, politics, and other facets have lent their voices. They explained what this development means for all.

The world economic system has been hit hard as major players such as the United States are having a hard time dealing with the adverse effect of the virus. Hearing that another variant has been discovered is certainly not what anyone wants to deal with.