Trump takes New Route by Hiring New Lawyers

Even though it is just a few days as ex-president of the United States, Donald Trump cannot help but make the headlines with his political or legal actions.

Of late, the immediate past presidents parted ways with the defense team he had planned will lead his impeachment defense team.

Impeachment Trouble the Second Time for Trump

Having lost the election to Joe Biden in his second term attempt, Donald Trump faces a second impeachment as he is accused of inciting his protesters to storm the capitol hall and disrupt a constitutional proceeding.

Although the likes of Bill Clinton have faced impeachment issues sometime in the past, Trump is the first president to have to deal with this process twice. It is also ironic that the second one happened with less than 2 weeks remaining in the Oval Office.

If ex-president Donald Trump is unsuccessful in his legal attempt to address the impeachment, among other things, any attempt to run again for president in the future will be impossible.

Two New Defense Attorneys to Help Out

Recently, the ex-president made known the turn of event as he has brought in David Schoen and Bruce Castor to help with the proceedings before the senate.

Bruce Castor is a renowned prosecutor in Pennsylvania who once made the headline for the wrong reason. He was accused of refusing to bring charges against Hollywood icon Bill Crosby for alleged sex crimes.

On the other hand, David Schoen is also well known as a legal commentator and criminal defense attorney with several civil rights cases to his credit.

Additionally, both lawyers expressed their delight in the privilege given to lead the defense by issuing statements to that effect.

The task before these legal practitioners is enormous given that time is not on their side. This is because the trial starts in about a week from their appointment.