Tips for a 1920s party

Today's parties have nothing to do with the atmosphere and decoration of the 1920s, known as the Roaring Twenties. Forgotten for some time, thanks to films highlighting the fashion of the 1920s, it is slowly being adopted today. Known for their convivial atmosphere, many people plan to organise old-fashioned parties, but find it quite difficult to do so. However, there are some tips for a perfect Roaring Twenties party.

Opt for a venue decorated in the 1920s atmosphere

In order to have a successful 1920s party, it is important that the party venue is decorated in a 1920s atmosphere. To find out more, you can click on the link Indeed, if you are going to hire a venue for the party, you should opt for a venue with a vintage decor. To this end, there are certain colours, including red, gold, black and silver, that are ideal for decoration. In addition, subdued lighting with candles is essential. In order to recreate the convivial atmosphere of the 1920s, you should opt for comfortable armchairs and benches, and a record player. You can also use fake diamonds to decorate the tables.

Choosing music and dance from the 1920s

For the right musical atmosphere and entertainment, you can use a record player. Period music will give your party more of a 1920s feel. For this purpose, jazz music played by a band would be very good. Furthermore, the right music should be accompanied by the right dance. It is no longer a matter of course that the Charleston is the most famous dance of the 1920s. It is necessary that you choose this dance. You can teach your guests a few steps of this dance throughout the evening. These elements will give your party a touch of the 1920s. With these elements you can have a successful 1920s party.