A few tips on how to organise a successful birthday party at home

This year, you would like to organise your birthday party at home. But you're wondering if it would be perfect. Of course it would! A home birthday party is very beneficial for a friendly atmosphere and good economy. Find out in this guide our different tips for a successful home birthday party.

Focus on home decoration

Just see this page to access all the key points of organising a birthday party at home. Any birthday party organisation always starts with the decoration of the venue. Just by looking at the decoration, you can tell that there is a festive celebration in your house. You should therefore take care to decorate the whole house well. There are many elements that come into play when decorating. The choice of colours for the decoration must be harmonised. The personal touch is very important in decoration. Buy balloons, garlands and streamers that can be hung from the ceiling and in all four corners of your home. The head table should be decorated with great care without minimising the decor for the other tables. You are free to decide where the party will be held. You can choose between the living room, the terrace and the garden. The time of year of the party will further indicate the location. In winter, the living room would be the ideal place. But in the summer, either you celebrate on the terrace or it will be in the garden.

Hand out the invitation cards a little earlier

. It can happen that you organise your party well and you don't find a big crowd at your birthday party. This is usually due to the delay in sending out the invitation cards. In order to be sure that the majority (3/4) will come to your birthday party, send the invitation cards early. As soon as the date is known for the birthday, make your invitation cards. Send them two weeks to a month before the day. You will have a little more notice of whether or not people will be attending. This way, you will know what meal to set up so that all your guests will be satisfied. Depending on the number of guests, you will also make a reservation for drinks for everyone. Never plan for the right number. The extra 2/4 would be welcome.