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And the winner is... Tamara 20.10.2014

eMio-Sharing has won the 2014 Open Innovation Slam! Congratulations!!!

The 2nd place went to Future green mobility e-fleet (zemi-sec)

And the 3rd place went to yellow goes green

Congratulations to the winners and to all the teams that participated in the Venture Weekend!

10 teams with participants from 11 countries have participated in the Venture Weekend of the Open Innovation Slam. Three days of business model...

And the finalists are... Tamara 29.09.2014

Our jury has made their decision. And these are the finalists:

1. myBus Eco

2. "Flip It" – The new foldable scooter

3. Zero Emission Silent Electric Carriage

4. evovelo

5. Future green mobility E-Fleet

6. Harvesting & Re-Using Waste Thermal Energy in Berlin Transport

7. Sustainable Solar Algae bus stops (SustaBus stop)

8. Free-floating electric Scooter-Sharing for Berlin’s city centre

9. Yellow goes green- using...

Results of the Community Voting Tamara 22.09.2014

The Community has voted: The teams with the most votes are the following:

1. Harvesting & Re-Using Waste Thermal Energy in Berlin Transport

2. evovelo

3. PubliCab - a rider for your drive

4. Free-floating electric Scooter-Sharing for Berlin’s city centre

5. DailyCommute

6. Sustainable Solar Algae bus stops (SustaBus stop)

7. myBus Eco

8. "Flip It" – The new foldable scooter

9. Compact and high efficiency car rooftop


The Challenge

The Open Innovation Slam calls for solutions that reduce carbon emissions in urban transport systems. We look for ideas and technologies that may improve the energy efficiency of vehicles in urban public transport, promote non-fuel technologies or improve operating practices of vehicles.

Finalists have the opportunity to win € 15,000 in cash prizes. Additionally, the winner of the Open Innovation Slam will be awarded with access to the Climate-KIC Accelerator worth up to € 95,000 of funding in grants, coaching, office space and participation in high-class Climate-KIC events!

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Submit ideas

22 April – 14 September 2014

Register and join the Open Innovation Slam. Submit an innovative solution or join an existing team.


Collaborate & improve

22 April – 14 September 2014

Collaborate with other participants and share your expertise. Give feedback, work on your idea, grow your team or join others to develop their solutions.


Community voting

15 – 21 September 2014

Evaluate the ideas and select the ones that have the greatest potential to reduce carbon emission. The 15 top-ranked teams move to the next round.


Jury voting

22 – 28 September 2014

A jury evaluates the top-ranked ideas of the Community Voting. The ten teams with the best ideas will get invited to the Venture Weekend.


Venture weekend

17 - 19 October 2014

The Finalists get expert support, business coaching and unique networking opportunities at the Venture Weekend. The winner will receive up to 95,000 € of business support.

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